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In brief:------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
The One Consultants Limited started as a small IDEA in 2007 to start a business that will come to touch every corner of Kenya. Just like every vision transforms and evolves, that idea was put into the digital world as a macro website in 2011 as

The Most Valuable Resource in the world is not found in the ground as gold and oil; it is and will always be IDEAS in the minds of people, when harnessed properly. Some of the most valuable companies in the world today – Facebook (USA), Alibaba (China), Google, Apple, which are less than 15 years old, are not built on natural resources, but harnessed IDEAS, better known as innovations. While we had no control of the past and history, we certainly have full control of our future and destiny. Others have made it, we too can rise up out of obscurity to become a significant company in the earth. The Best is yet to be, but now must be. If it will be; then it is up to us, if not now; then when? If not us; then who?

Change of name from The One Gospel to The One Consultants is to perfect the Corporate Expression & Image of the company so as to be relevant in the current business world & environment.

Our Mission:-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
We offer Customizable movable & non movable Real Time Assets Security Systems and Fuel Management Solutions that gives smarter analysis leading to effective resources management, big savings in fuel & fleet costs, increases in productivity, operating costs reductions, better customer service and improved performance.

Our Vision:---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
To bring good news to businesses/individuals (in terms of avoiding/stopping false fuel invoicing, fuel management costs, efficient, effective dispatch/freight services, secure in cargo safety, reducing fuel costs and unnecessary site trips, efficient effective fuel budgeting etc).

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